About Hank Jacobs

About Hank Jacobs


I'm Hank Jacobs, a writer, voice actor, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. 

My Philosophy

The stories we tell ourselves define our realities. Is your life is full of trouble and strife? Fill your mind with better stories. Better stories lead to better ideas, better ideas lead to more helpful actions, more helpful actions lead to a more connected and prosperous life. 

I am a storyteller. I write for passion, for money, and for fun. 

I work very hard, I have an open mind, and I want to work with people who want to make the world a better place- whatever that means to you. I am responsible, and function well under pressure and with deadlines. Some people want to sky dive, or go to festivals, or sporting events; I write for many hours at a time for days on end. This is thrilling to me.

Some Stories About Me

Over the years, I have worked as a writer, director, producer, editor, actor, and voiceover actor. Whatever it takes to tell the story, I will dive in head first. 

I have a particular passion for circus. As a teenage actor in Minneapolis, I was blessed to work with the Theatre De La Jeune Lune, who approached everything they worked on from the standpoint of "how can we make this circus?" Living in the New York City at the turn of the century, I created (with a wonderful troupe of crazies) a circus called Delicious Vaudeville. We ran it for two years in different locations around the city. You never knew quite what the show was going to be every night. It was exciting.

Most of my professional life has been spent working as a voice actor, mostly commercials, while I used the freedom it gave me to write dozens of scripts, make lots of short films, write/direct/produce/edit/act in a feature film, The Curse of El Segundo, make the above mentioned circus, and have a small role in the legendary poker film Rounders.

I hold a black belt in Aikido. I spent years as a dancer, made money as a mime, clown, and gogo dancer. I love to sing, cook, and I can walk for miles and miles. 

I'm a dedicated dad. I love my kids. My girlfriend is a yoga teacher and she's an amazing human. I have many amazing people in my communities. Life is miraculous.

If you want to reach me, please email me at thehankjacobs{at}gmail.com

There are three sections to this website:

1- Writing endeavors: my copywriting and creative blogs, plus a quick rundown of my film and TV projects.

2- A voiceover demo page. For 20 years, I have been one of the top male commercial voices in the country, lending my voice to high profile commercials, industrials, and promos. You have most likely heard my voice but didn't know it.

3- A portfolio of my filmmaking endeavors. For a number of years I put a lot of energy into being an independent filmmaker. I love being on set with the wonderful people you meet, the sense of working together; however, I have decided to focus on the worlds I can create with words for the time being.